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Staying Focused vs New Ideas

Staying Focused vs New Ideas

ShareIf you are like me at all, you constantly have a flow of ideas for new businesses, websites, and more. While a creative mind is a fantastic thing for anyone looking to be income independent, it can also be an Achilles heel. The prioritization of current projects with planning and starting up new ones can be daunting even for the most seasoned entrepreneur. So how do you go about juggling everything while maintaining productivity?  This could be a very complicated answer but fortunately for you, I’ve spent the time in your very shoes to provide some tips on how to manage it all. 1. Don’t Bury Yourself Let’s say you are currently running two different projects: a drop shipping business and a niche e-commerce store. The drop shipping game has been running smoothly now that you have the process down and you are starting to finally get some organic traffic to your niche c-commerce website. Now you’re itching to fire up something new and shiny. The allure of new is always going to be easy to fall for. First you need to step back and really give your current operations a good review. Can they operate well with you giving them significantly less face time? Remember when starting these off, how much work was involved in getting them set up and running correctly? You will need to be able to take time away from them to get the hot newness going. Can you afford to take the hit in income or will they continue to run smoothly? Only when your current lines of business are taken care of and can run for a...