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Getting Started with Google Adwords

Getting Started with Google Adwords

ShareIf you have been reading about internet marketing and making money on online, chances are that you have heard about Google Adwords. If you haven’t, I’ll sum it very quickly for you. Google Adwords are the sponsored ads you see all over the internet, whether it be on a website as an ad displayed alongside content, or the sponsored ads that you see above, beside, and below the search results, also known as theĀ organic listings, when you search for something on Google. Becoming proficient with Google Adwords can open a huge door of opportunity for you while you build your internet empire. It provides a way to get your site or products in front of people, on the first page of search results, while you wait on your website to slowly climb the ranks of the results pages via search engine optimization (SEO). Experts in the field of pay per click (PPC) marketing can spend years learning the ins and outs of Adwords, but as you get started with it, there are several things that you should know immediately. So in my 8 years of being a PPC analyst and after creating and managing almost $6 million dollars in Adwords spend, below are some of my tips for any beginner in PPC. Be Specific Adwords will work infinitely better for you if your ads and keywords are all highly targeted and specific to what you are trying to advertise. It may seem like a no-brainer, but let me explain this. Of course if you are selling mens shoes, you are not going to write an ad for ladies jackets....