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Establish Your Web Presence - Grind Not Mind

Establish Your Web Presence

Establish Your Web Presence

When starting any new internet based project you need to know a couple of things: One, what is it’s purpose and Two, how are you going to fulfill that purpose. For me, my projects’ purposes are about building passive income channels that over time will begin to add to up to a┬ácertain amount. Will it be easy, no. A lot of people dream about making a money online, but rarely do many people start the journey and even fewer stick with it.

For this post’s sake, lets say that you took the dive. You went out, bought a shiny new domain, and have even visited your local Ferrari dealer’s website to start shopping. But before you can purchase that shiny new private jet, you need to build a foundation for your project. This way, as you move forward, you have an established web presence to build and present your content from.

So what is a web presence? I would say it is all of the ways you can connect to your audience. Whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, message boards or anywhere else people can find and interact with your project. Even if you are running an idea that isn’t full of consistent fresh content, you still want a way to reach your potential clients or followers. Now there is a such thing as overkill, you don’t need to sign up for every social media platform under the sun. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr have over 1.5 billion active total accounts together, with tons of ways to drill down and find the right people for your niche. Find what’s right for you and get the accounts created upfront. This is an important part of building a solid foundation for your venture.

We’ll talk more soon about how to use leverage these individual channels, but I wanted to make sure to get the main tip out to you first, “Establish your presence”. It’s a short one folks. I know we didn’t reinvent the wheel, but its an important component of the process. Feel free to leave your comments on establishing your project’s web presence and what it means to you here or on our Facebook page.